1 Redesigning my Portfolio Website

1 Redesigning my Portfolio Website

Upgrading tioye.dev from HTML, CSS, JS to Next.JS and GraphQL

It's time to upgrade my portfolio website!

This was long overdue because I created my portfolio website in the Summer of 2020, at a time when I barely knew any JavaScript.

Do Not Repeat Yourself!

When using pure HTML and CSS, it is very challenging to avoid repeating code for similar components. I have been copy pasting code and modifying only the parts I need and now that my projects page is getting crowded, I have decided to put my React skills to good use

Figma design ready

It took me about a week to create the new design on Figma and another 2 days to create the Layout including the sidebar, Navigation bar and Footer

Screenshot from 2022-10-09 04-49-21.png

The general Layout

Screenshot from 2022-10-09 04-46-26.png

The blog content

Screenshot from 2022-10-09 04-55-26.png

The next step will be to connect to the GraphCMS using Apollo Client or GraphQL Query.