10 Redesigning my portfolio app

10 Redesigning my portfolio app

Upgrading tioye.dev from HTML, CSS, JS to Next.JS and GraphQL

Hashnode connected

Today I followed the incredibly useful blog post by CatalinPit and I connected my portfolio blog directly to Hashnode, skipping GraphCMS. This negates the need to create a duplicate post in GraphCMS after posting on Hashnode.

Revalidate: 600

I have kept the default refresh period in Vercel to 10 minutes. New blog posts on Hashnode will show up on my portfolio within 10 minutes, provided the Vercel platform rebuilds the new page in sub-30 seconds as usual.

GitHub actions untouched

I have not messed with anything I have already set up in GitHub. My latest blog should be synched to my GH profile every sunday as usual

One caveat

The GraphCMS version of my blog was based on blog series which are almost mirrored from Hashnode. Unfortunately, the Series feature was glued onto Hashnode after the fact and the GraphQL API does not support fetching blogs based on blog series. I have attempted a simple fetch to grab the blog series, but I was getting error messages. Currently, I have removed the blog series header from the portfolio site. I have replaced the series badge on each blog post with an avatar of the author, aka, yours truly!