8 Redesigning my portfolio app

8 Redesigning my portfolio app

Upgrading tioye.dev from HTML, CSS, JS to Next.JS and GraphQL

Website is now live!

I have updated the domain of my new portfolio website to tioye.dev and the original version to legacy.tioye.dev. This feels like a huge step although there are still several changes that needs to happen.

Need to add mobile view

I have yet to add media queries to improve the website display on mobile view. This will take several dedicated hours which I do not currently have due to final exams. I will be focused on that during the week of December 15th, 2022.

Need to add content for project details

I wanted to write a blog-like content to go with each project to provide more context, but that also feels secondary to the mobile view feature.

Other minor details

  • Replace SendGrid on contact page with different provider

  • Remove Calendly from website or find a way to remove GDPR annoyances

Screenshot from 2022-12-02 20-24-33.png